Fuel for Thought

December 29, 2019

If you're like most people and drive a gasoline-powered vehicle, you need to be up to speed on its fuel-related components. They're pretty basic: the fuel, the fuel filter and the fuel pump. The fuel's the easy part. You probably gas up your vehicle yourself and, if you're like most drivers, pr... More

On Board Diagnostics for Omaha Motorists

December 22, 2019

Some Omaha vehicle owners wonder why Tuffy Omaha (Evans St) and other Omaha auto repair shops charge a fee for vehicle diagnostics. Receiving a diagnostic charge at Tuffy Omaha (Evans St) for a tricky automotive problem shouldn't be a surprise. In the Omaha area, automotive diagnostics can cover... More

What Is That? Check Engine Light Service at Tuffy Omaha (Evans St)

December 15, 2019

Okay. You went to your local Omaha car wash, and while your vehicle was under the dryer, the Check Engine light started flashing. Panic! What did you just do? Something is seriously wrong with the vehicle! You head for the nearest Omaha service center, but on the way, the Check Engine light stop... More

Maintaining Your Older Car in Omaha, Nebraska

December 8, 2019

The government mandates a lot of equipment on cars in Omaha, Nebraska: emission devices and control computers, safety equipment like airbags and crash worthiness requirements. All of this is great for the Omaha motoring public, but it does add quite a bit to the price of a new vehicle.Because new... More

Trip Inspection at Tuffy Omaha (Evans St) in Omaha

December 1, 2019

Omaha area drivers love their vehicles. And one of the most enjoyable things about them is taking a road trip. Freedom from daily schedules, new sights and the open road it's great! But there's nothing like vehicle trouble to bring the fun to a grinding halt.Now Omaha drivers can't always avoid... More